AFV 439 ptarmigan

The Ptarmigan system is a battlefield radio network, which consists of 3 versions of the FV 439. They are they are the Radio Relay (RR) vehicle, the Message Centre vehicle and a Line 20 Auto Exchange vehicle.

Ours is the RR as it is equipped with the Clark 12 meter Scam Mast.

The FV 439 is based around the FV 432 APC (as are the turreted versions out in the field opposite).

Built in the 1960’s the FV 432 is the most common variant vehicle. In the 1980’s almost 2,500 vehicles were in use with around 1,500 still in service today, mainly in supporting arms rather than front-line infantry service.

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AFV 439

our afv 439 ptarmigan

AFV 439 ptarmigan

Not a lot to say about our AFV 439. It arrived at Armourgeddon from a local dealer back in 2012. On arrival we carried out some minor repairs to get it running again, including a new set of batteries. A little work was carried out to get the Scan Mast working and at full height and that was about it. The 439 stood outside almost acting as a point of reference with the Union Jack flying at the top of the mast on Armourgeddon Game Days for a year or two and now resides in our museum. The two generators on the side are also operational and most of the communications equipment is still fitted inside!



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