Russian brdm 2

The BRDM-2 entered service in 1962 with the Soviet Army replacing the BRDM-1 with production running until 1989. 7,200 were built in total and some of which are still used to day.

The BRDM’s primary purpose is reconnaissance and detection of chemical weapons, as it is equipped with NBC (nuclear biological chemical) equipment.

This 4x4 vehicle is also fully amphibious, having a trim board positioned under the nose of the hull and the engine powering the propeller at the rear, with 4 smaller chain driven belly wheels for trench crossing.

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our russian brdm 2


The BRDM was imported from Poland back in 2008 and has been used regularly by us, hence it's last refurb in 2011. Having recently has the hydraulic system repaired and a full service it is as good today as it's always been!



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