Diamond t wrecker

The Diamond T 969A Wrecker is a 6x6 wheel drive vehicle that was produced between 1940 and 1945, with both closed and open cab variants being built.

The Diamond T was designed as an Intermediate Recovery Vehicle and was capable of towing/recovering a wide range of vehicles in this class.

The lifting winches were power operated and were rated at 5 US tons each (10,000 lbs.). Linked together, a lift of 10 US tons was possible.

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Diamond T Wrecker

our diamond t wrecker

Diamond T Wrecker

The Diamond T came from a back yard in London where it had been sitting under a tarpaulin several years. One of those projects that people never get round to doing I guess. After delivery on a flat bed (pictured left) the rear body was removed and repaired as it was quite rotten to say the least. The whole vehicle was then sand blasted, some minor repairs to the front body work and a little time spent on the out riggers, lifting arms and winches to get them all moving and working. Full re-spray as normal and some fresh petrol and the original Hercules RXC engine fired up a treat! It has since had a full service and some brake maintenance to keep it in tip top condition. This one is road registered but currently SORN.



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