FV433 Abbot SPG

The FV433 Abbot was in service by the British Forces from 1965 to 1995.

It is probably the most different member of the FV series, this is not just because of the big gun and over sized turret. To fill the role as a SPG (self propelled gun) the Abbot had to have a completely customised hull, the K60 engine had to be altered so that the turret would fit and the drivers position is a lot smaller. The FV433 was named the Abbot to be in-keeping with the religious theme for SPG’s, the American WW2 ‘Priest’ and the British ‘Sexton’.

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our fv433 abbot spg


Pictured left is our Abbot blending in nicely with the cammo netting behind it. Again purchased from a scrap yard of all places. This restoration started in 2011 and was relatively straight forward for the team as the vehicle is very similar to the AFV 432. With the engine removed the heat exchanger was replaced and it was treated to a full service at the same time. All the running gear was replaced (tracks, road wheels, sprockets and shockers) as they were all unserviceable. Sand blasted and re-sprayed - job done!



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