Ferret armoured scout car

The Ferret was built between 1952 and 1971 by the UK Company Daimler as a reconnaissance vehicle.

The Ferret is the successor of the company’s earlier model the ‘Daimler Dingo’ and later started to be used for base security.

The 4x4 Ferret was also one of the first vehicles to ‘Run Flat tyres, enabling it to drive to safety after a puncture, It was also fitted with 6 grenade launchers to provide smoke cover for the vehicle.

A total of 4,409 Ferrets were produced between 1952 and 1971 including 16 sub-models including those with varying equipment, turret or no turret and armed with Swingfire anti-tank missiles.

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Ferret Armoured Scout Car

our Ferret armoured scout car


One of our oldest vehicles is the Ferret Armoured Scout Car bought back in 2002. With very little room inside, this soon proved to be one of the more difficult restorations. Some TLC inside and an engine service and it was all done. Since this restoration the Ferret has been a long serving vehicle in the Armourgeddon line up for voucher days and corporate events etc. Regular servicing and re-spays it still hold the test of time!



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