GMC cckw 353 tipper

The GMC firm won the Army contract in 1941 and then went on to produce 800,000 examples and made it into the inventories of multiple nations across the globe.

Before the end of its production in 1945 the Jimmy was used for a variety of different roles, the cargo space could be used as a communications shelter for radio, a field medical facility or engineering treadway bridge, It could carry up to 750 gallons of water or fuel.

This particular version is a flat bed/tipper with folding seats; you can also find on site the personnel carrier version.

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GMC Tipper


our gmc cckw 353 tipper

GMC Tipper

Our 1944 GMC CCKW 353 Tipper was purchased by us in 2011 from a movie vehicle hire company and was in a bit of a rough state. It went straight into our workshop and had a complete sand blast (pictured above) and re-spray as well as some light engine repairs and a complete overhaul of the brakes. With a little WD40 on all the linkages and some very minor tweaks the tipper system is now fully operation as well! This one appeared in Saving Private Ryan and also the series Band of Brothers. She still runs the original GMC 270 6-Cylinder Petrol.



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