gmc cckw 353

The GMC CCKW 353, also known as ‘Jimmy’ or ‘Deuce-and-a-half’ (deuce-and-a-half because it can carry 2.5 tonnes).

The GMC firm won the Army contract in 1941 and then went on to produce 800,000 examples and made it into the inventories of multiple nations across the globe.

Before the end of its production in 1945 the Jimmy was used for a variety of different roles, the cargo space could be used as a communications shelter for radio, a field medical facility or an engineering treadway bridge, it could also carry up to 750 gallons of water or fuel.

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GMC Troop Carrier

our gmc cckw 353 (jimmy)

GMC Troop Carrier

The GMC CCKW 353 (or 'Jimmy' as they are probably better known) in this picture was used by the British army in 1644 - 45. Again this was bought having already had a diesel conversion and now runs a Perkins Diesel engine. Since it has been in our collection it has had a partial re-wiring, full re-spray and a new clutch. This Jimmy is also fully road registered and can still be seen cruising the streets on it;s way to any of the local military shows and re-enactments.



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