bandvagn bv202 snowcat

Bandvagn 202 (Bv 202) is a tracked articulated, all-terrain vehicle developed by Volvo B, a subsidiary of Volvo, for the Swedish Army.

The vehicle is formed of two rubber kegresse track units with a multi-directional pivot in between. The front unit contains the engine and gearbox through which power is delivered to the front and, via a propshaft in the pivot mechanism, the rear tracks.

A hydraulic ram on the pivot "bends" the vehicle in the middle to steer it - there is no braking of track units for steering as on conventional track laying vehicles. The controls are a conventional steering wheel on the left hand front of the vehicle. Speed on land 35kmh,speed on water 7 kmh.

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our bandvagn bv202 snowcat


This BV202 has been re-spayed and various jobs completed on the engine to get it in the line up of vehicles. With a nearly new rack on the rear compartment and a nearly new canvass, it stand pride of place as one of the first vehicles you see in our museum.



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