M16A1 half-track

The M16 Half-Track was originally built by the ‘White Motor Company’ and is a variant of the earlier M3 half-track. It was developed in 1942 and a total of 724 have been built.

It was designed as an anti-aircraft platform to protect tank and infantry units against air attacks.

An original M16 has a few differences to the M3. Apart from the obvious Maxson Quad and no rear seats you may also notice the fold down flaps on the armoured hull panels to allow gun movement. Need more info? Click the Wiki Link

M16 Half-Track


Our m16A1 half-track with maxson quad

M16 Half Track

This is our 1944 M16 Half-Track complete with working Maxson Quad Mount fitted with 4 replica .50 Cal Browning Machine Guns and Tombstones. The vehicle was purchased from a private collector and only needed some minor engine work (mainly wiring) to get the original White 160AX 6 cylinder petrol engine up and running. She has since been re-sprayed and serviced and now stands as part of a diorama in our museum. This vehicle also appeared in the movie 'Evita' which later became the name we gave her! The Maxson Quad Mount was imported from Greece by ourselves and repaired and fitted to the M16.



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