m3A1 armoured scout car

The M3 Scout car was designed by the White Motor Company in 1937 where an order of 64 units was placed for the 7th Cavalry Brigade.

The White Motor Company soon updated the M3, making it bigger and better, this was designated the M3A1.

This later model was produced between 1940 to 1944 with 20,918 vehicles built.

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M3 Scout Car

our m3A1 armoured scout car


M3 Scout Car

This M3A1 Armoured Scout Car is a relatively new addition to Armourgeddon having only arrived in the UK recently after import from California. This is one of the only vehicles not to be restored by the Armourgeddon Team! Having already been 75% restored back in 2011, there seemed no point undoing someone else had work as it had been done to a high standard. She is now awaiting a few tweaks and will be ready to roll! Since this photo was taken we have already treated it to a new canvass.



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