M5 half-track

The M5 Half-Track was first used in December 1942 and was built by International Harvester Corp.

The design was based around the original Half-Track personnel Carrier the ‘M3’ and was built because White, Autocar and Diamond T could not keep up with the demand of production with  a total of 4625 being accepted into the Allied Forces.

The M5 does have a few small differences from the M16 White Half-track, the M5’s fenders were flat in cross section and they never fitted the large fender mounted headlights.

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M5 Half Track Restoration

our m5 half-track

M5 Half track

This one is our 1944 M5 International Half-Track bought from a vehicle supplier for movies in 2010. Due to the nature of the movie industry, the previous owner fitted a Bedford diesel engine under the bonnet to help with fuel consumption and reliability. This old girl also featured in the film 'Evita'. Since it's arrival at Armourgeddon it has been sand blasted and had some light panel repairs done and a full re-spray and she is still running strong as part of our World War II military vehicle driving activity!



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