M8 armoured car - Greyhound

The M8 is 6x6 armoured car produced by the Ford Motor Company during the Second World War The vehicle was widely exported after the war and still remains in service in some third world countries.

The M8 was nicknamed the ‘Greyhound’ by the British to be in-keeping with the other armoured cars already ordered from the US (T18 Boarhound, Deerhound and Staghound).

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M8 Armoured Car

our M8 Armoured car - GREYHOUND

M8 Greyhound

This 1943 M8 Armoured Car (or Greyhound as it nicknamed) was brought in as part of a group of 5 M8's. All apart from were fully rebuilt from almost a rolling chassis, needing fully re-wiring and re-spraying inside and out. We used a local engineering company to make all the required panels from rough and rotten pattern parts with all four of them requiring new front and rear wings at the very least. All the breaks were overhauled and all four Greyhounds were fitted with a Cummins Diesel engine, this was mainly for reliability reasons and running costs as all four were intended for film, road or re-enactment purposes. Three were sold as fully restored, the forth is still in our on site museum and still for sale and the fifth was sold before we had done anything to it and later swapped for a Centurion. The remaining Greyhound that is for sale is also road registered with the DVLA and completely road legal.




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