Opel Blitz

In the early 1930s, Opel introduced a fast light truck called the Opel Blitz (lightning) and in 1935 opened the best and most modern truck factory in the world in Brandenburg.

Although light in weight, the Blitz design could carry a considerable payload. A proven six-cylinder engine from another GM company, Buick, provided the power. By war’s end, Opel factories had churned out over 100,000 Blitz trucks alone for the German war effort. These took many different forms, such as general-purpose trucks, buses, radio trucks, ambulances, and even large limousines for high-ranking officers. In 1943 Daimler-Benz commenced building Blitz's under licence in favour of its own comparably designed L3000 3-ton truck. The most common form of Blitz found on the World War 2 battle fields was designated as the Opel Blitz 6700A.

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Opel Blitz

our opel blitz

Opel Blitz

One of our more challenging re-builds! The Opel Biltz was the second German vehicle to arrive here after the Citroen U23R in 2013 and is one of three vehicles purchased from a film hire company down south. After some minor maintenance on the engine and quite a bit of rewiring it was up and running with working lights etc. The body on the other hand needed more major work! It was stripped down to a shell and all the wooden frame was remade from scratch. A labour of love! A few new brake pipes and hoses and brakes were done. Full sand blast and re-spray and it is now part of the museum collection! This blitz appeared in countless war based films and TV programs.



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