Opel olympia

Although not designed for WWII the Opel Olympia carried out quite a few roles during the War, Staff Car and Ambulance to name a couple. The Olympia became somewhat of a movie icon appearing in such films as Saving Private Ryan and the Great Escape.

One noticeable feature of the vehicle is it's suicide doors! Production was from 1935 to 1970, however production stopped from 1940 to 1947 due to the impact of WWII. The factory was quite heavily bombed during the war but when it was open it was manufacturing aircraft parts and tanks. Only one factory continued to churn out vehicles and they were the Opel Blitz.

Opel Olympia


our opel olympia

Opel Olympia

The third of three German vehicles to arrive at Armourgeddon from a film company. As you can see it was in quite a rough state when it arrived! With new clutch slave cylinder seals fitted and some tinkering under the bonnet she runs like a dream. The whole exterior needed sanding back and was then re-sprayed in the German staff car design. With the help of Bond and Re-line (a local hydraulic's company) the brakes were finally working. The team completely re-upholstered the seats and re-aligned the suicide doors and at the end 2013 the project was complete! This particular Olympia was used in the movies Saving Private Ryan and Singapore.



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