M4 105 SHERMAN Tank

The M4 Sherman was designed in 1940, production starting in 1941 and finally brought into service in 1942 to 1955. The M4 105mm variant was designed as an assault gun for destroying static targets such as concrete bunkers, escarpments and tank traps rather than Tank v Tank warfare.

The stowage of the ammunition in the Sherman meant that after 1.89 penetrating rounds the Tank would catch fire/explode, giving the Sherman nicknames such as ‘Tommy Cooker, Ronson’ and ‘the burning grave’.

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M4 105 Sherman

our m4105 sherman

sherman tank restoration

As seen in 'Fury' movie with Brad Pitt

Pictured here is our 1944 Sherman M4 105 on the day it arrived and pictured above, the Sherman takes pride of place in our on site museum. We are not sure of the vehicles War time history but we do know that it was used by the Dutch Military after the war and was then set up on a range as a Molotov Cocktail target. It was later bought by a collector in Belgium and eventually imported to the UK by us. The engine has been re-built from 2 non-runnning engines and the whole vehicle has been re-wired, all except the lights and comms. Fuel tanks we remade by a local engineering firm using the old tanks as a pattern (or at least what was left of them). The Turret was removed and the whole thing was sand blasted. New road wheels and springs were fitted as well as re-lining the brakes. We had just about every nut and bolt off the vehicle, and this is all after we scraped and cleaned all the oil residue and glass out that was left over from the Molotov Cocktails!


SALES PRICE - £ 300,000.00


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