Turreted fv432

The FV 432 was built by GKN Sankey in the 1960’s as an APC (armoured personnel carrier) – It was supposed to carry the designation ‘Trojan’ but there were many issues surrounding the use of this name, not least trademark complications.

It quickly became a very versatile vehicle, by the 1980’s almost 2,500 were in service and there were several variants that formed the FV430 series. These 432's have been fitted with a Rarden Turret's. This design was designated the 43..........and was primarily used to patrol the Berlin wall.

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fv432 tanks

our turreted afv432


One of our fleet of 15 turreted AFV 432's!!!! All of which we use for customers to drive, load and aim! Used for voucher days, corporate events and Stag and Hen experiences taking part in our Tank Paintball Battle as well as film and TV hire and static displays. The whole fleet undertakes a strict maintenance program and has a complete refurb every year.



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